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Prepack or Individual?

Vere floating shelves put you in control, allowing you to create (and recreate) the exact shelving configuration that works best for you. The Vere shelving system has been designed to be truly adaptable. Whatever your needs, (Baby Room, Home Cinema, Kitchen, Retail Outlet or Space Exploration Capsule) Vere modular shelving components offer you endless options.

Start by fixing a series of subtle rails to your wall, then get creative. The shelves can be placed either way up, anywhere you like, giving you unlimited freedom to create considered shelving configurations to specifically suit your environment. The weight of each shelf is what secures it in place. No screws, just gravity. The shelves come in four versatile sizes and we offer link shelves for further dynamic variety.

To make ordering your Vere floating shelves simple, we have created a series of pre packed options that work well in a variety of spaces and in combination with one another. Choose from these prepacked options or order individual components to either suit a specific need or compliment an existing pack. After all, with Vere, you’re always in control.

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