All Vere shelves are delivered in a flat pack. Set up and installation is easy.
A full installation guide is supplied with all the necessary screws and wall plugs.
See these steps below for an idea of what to expect.

Installation Information - Measure

Step 01: Measure

  • Measure the wall space where you intend to hang the shelves. Ensure your wall can accommodate the shelving layout you wish to install. Decide on the exact placement of rails before drilling any holes.
  • Always use a spirit level and tape measure to ensure accuracy.
Installation Information - Mark

Step 02: Mark

  • Once you have marked the position of the first hole, hold the rail up to the wall and position it so that the mark is in the centre of the correct hole. Then using the spirit level, ensure the rail is perfectly level.
  • Move a sharp pencil around evenly in each of the unmarked holes to draw a small circle on the wall. Repeat this process to accurately mark the positions of all the holes you need to drill.
  • Tap a nail or screw into the exact centre of each of the small circles you have drawn to make a precise starting point for the drill.
Installation Information - Drill

Step 03: Drill

  • If possible use a drill with variable speed and a hammer action. Ensure the holes are deep enough to accommodate the plugs. If possible, vacuum away the dust as you drill.
  • Accurate drilling will result in accurate rail placement and alignment, so be as careful as you can with this stage.
Installation Information - Attach Rails

Step 04: Attach Rails

  • Place the plugs into the holes of the rail and insert the plug into the drilled holes in the wall.
  • Push the plugs all the way into the holes ensuring that the top of the plug is flush with the surface of the rail. Knock the screws all the way into the wall using a hammer. Be careful not to damage the rail with the hammer.
Installation Information - Assemble Shelves

Step 05: Assemble Shelves

  • Assemble the shelves using the black screws provided. Ensure good alignment between the sides and the surface of the shelf. Tighten the screws to the point where the head of the screw is flush with the surface of the wood.
Installation Information - Hang Shelves

Step 06: Hang Shelves

  • Effortlessly hang your Vere shelves.
  • Congratulations! It’s time to play.

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